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Establishing Credibility at Your New Job

Establishing Credibility at Your New Job

First, it is important to establish credibility with potential employees. No one wants to work for someone they don’t believe in or trust. To do this, they’ll need a solid reputation as an employer. In this article, Alexander Djerassi discusses establishing credibility at their new job.

1. Be a good listener

Alexander states that it is vital in establishing credibility. Listen to what people say, and don’t interrupt them. If they want to know their opinion on a topic, ask them to explain it in detail.

2. Make an effort to understand the job

This is also vital when establishing credibility at their new job. Make sure they understand not only the technical aspects of one’s job but also the social and emotional aspects. Make sure they understand what they do on a day-to-day basis and ask themselves if this matches with the description of one’s job on the company website.

3. Be honest

Being honest means being genuine by being open and transparent about their experience and skills. It also means being honest about their weaknesses.

4. Be confident

This is about not worrying about what people think of them. Instead, they should be confident in who they are and what they do and that their abilities match the job description.

5. Be prepared to ask questions

If you don’t understand something, ask for clarification appropriately for your new role. It is good to realize that there are a lot of things in one’s job that they don’t know; this will be a good opportunity to learn more about the job and get better as time goes on.

6. Be professional

Being professional means showing respect to everyone around you, including co-workers and supervisors. It also means being courteous.

7. Be positive and have a positive attitude

According to Djerassi, being positive is important because it shows that one is enthusiastic about their job and what they are doing. It also makes a good impression on one’s co-workers and superiors.

8. Be passionate

This means they should be interested in the job and the people they work with. In addition, they should be keen on learning new things, especially if this involves expanding their knowledge in their field of work.

9. Be motivated

Being motivated means that they should be excited about what they are doing and always looking to improve their performance.

10. Have fun

This is also very important in terms of being motivated and enjoying one’s job. They should be able to enjoy their work and behave professionally at all times.

11. Be open-minded

This means accepting new ideas, new challenges and new people, as well as being open to feedback from those around them. One must not be judgemental or critical of others’ ideas or opinions.

12. Be punctual

This means arriving at one’s place of work on time every day; this shows employers that you are dedicated to your job and that you take it seriously.
In conclusion, there are many things that one should do to be an excellent employee. Alexander Djerassi recommends the above 12 ways for establishing their credibility at work.