Equip your Child for a Better Future with a Global Education

If you look at the emerging technology, it is clear to see the huge changes we are undergoing. Artificial Intelligence is merging with 5G to create The Internet of Things (IoT), which will be a platform for every single digital device, and in order for a child to excel in such a world, they need a globalised form of education.

International Education

An education that is based on global principles and is IT focused will equip today’s learner in every way and sending your son or daughter to the best international school in Thailand would most certainly give them an edge as they think about careers. One of the major benefits of studying at an international school is cultural, in as much as your child would be mixing with children from all parts of the world, and this gives them a big advantage when they enter the global marketplace.

Understanding & Accepting Different Cultures

If a person is exposed to other cultures at a young age, they will have a more balanced outlook on life and more importantly, they understand that people are very different in their values and beliefs. Learning with children from foreign countries enhances a young mind in many ways and enables an understanding that isn’t present in a single-culture environment. If you yourself didn’t travel until you were an adult, you will understand how important it is to be exposed to other cultures and when a child learns in a multi-cultural environment, they have a definite advantage. You might wish for your child to become an entrepreneur, as this article explores in some detail.

Sourcing an International School

The best place to start would be a Google search that will give you a list of international schools that are within driving distance to your home. There are two types of curriculum that international schools might follow; namely, the British or American curriculum and most parents prefer the UK curriculum, which is widely accepted as being the best in the world. Once on a website, look at the school mission & vision statements, as these outline the educational beliefs of the school, plus take a look at their academic performance, which is a strong indicator of student learning.

Learning by Doing

Educators are all in agreement that active learning strategies produce the best learning outcomes, so look for a school that uses project-based learning, with experiential learning at the heart of the system. We learn best when teaching others and any child that is in the right environment will adopt a hands-on approach and learning occurs through that. When a group of kids are engaged in a project, there are many issues that arise, which they must resolved, plus they learn how to work as a group and delegate tasks. Click here for the UK National Curriculum details.

While we adults have a problem keeping up with new technology, our children have grown up with tablets and smartphones and they adapt mush quicker and by equipping them with the tools they need to be successful, we are fulfilling the role of a parent.