Eco-Friendly Tips For Your Home

Decorations for the holidays can impact, not just your pocket, but the environment as well. The Spruce mentions that a lot of decorations that are one-time-use-only end up in landfills. You don’t have to leave your Bradington Young recliner undecorated for the holidays if you’re sensitive about causing harm to the environment. Here we look at a few eco-friendly solutions you can aim for.

Buy Pre-Owned Decorations

Christmas doesn’t have to be about consuming as much as possible, no matter what bi business wants you to believe. Some of the best decorations you’ll find to deck your halls will come from homes that have had them for a while. Many consumers buy into the disposable culture, and they don’t feel “chic” enough to repeat decorations year after year. You can purchase those decorations off them at a discount, or some may just donate them to you. Not only are you saving the environment, but you’re also saving money!

Select Thermal Curtains

Drapes and curtains are another significant part of Christmas decor. Unfortunately, many homeowners opt for standard curtains, which carry no thermal benefit to having them on your windows. Science Times mentions that 62% of all energy consumed in the UK is used for space heating. Thermal curtains offer homeowners the chance to save a significant amount of money on heating bills while reducing your carbon footprint. Less energy consumption means a lower impact on the environment as a result. Thermal curtains come in festive colors and patterns, but you can also get them in the blackout variety if you wish.

Choose the Right Candles

Candles are a Christmas tradition at this point, but not all candles are made equally. Many cheap candles seem like they’re a good deal, but underneath the flowery scent are many volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These VOCs can lead to the formation of Ozone and fine particulates in the lower atmosphere, exacerbating problems like global warming. Ideally, you should be keeping an eye out for more natural products, such as candles made out of beeswax.

Add Plants

We’re not just talking about the massive Christmas tree that’s the centerpiece of every ensemble. Having plants inside your home can add to the feeling of relaxation and helps to purify the air. Houseplants, in particular, breathe in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen as a result of photosynthesis. Adding a houseplant or two to every room will help to counterbalance your impact on the environment if even just a little.

It’s Not Christmas Everyday

Christmas is a time to celebrate with the ones we love, but if we love the planet, then we should be careful about how we celebrate. Even small things like rehoming decorations can significantly impact the environment if enough people do so. Taking care always to source ethical materials and lower our energy consumption during a time when heat bills soar is merely being mindful. We’ve only got one planet to live on, after all. We might as well do all we can to take care of it so we can enjoy many more Christmasses to come.