direct sourcing

Direct Sourcing and the Future of Work

As the modern workforce continues to evolve, new talent acquisition strategies must be used to meet the demands for talent access and faster hiring. Direct sourcing is a great solution as it optimizes the acquisition of talent by using their own internal resources.  With direct sourcing, talent pools are curated on an ongoing basis so that candidates continue to meet the company’s talent needs and they are engaged through newsletters, job alerts, networking events, and industry specific forums. 


This strategy doesn’t just offer convenience to companies. It is a solution that helps companies with various challenges they are facing, such as talent shortages and growing employment costs. Direct sourcing efforts can help businesses save on costs, have quicker hiring cycles, and refine their employer brand while also creating a better experience for candidates by forming relationships with them. Maximizing ROI (return on investment) is another benefit of direct sourcing that results from attracting the best candidates which can be measured by seeing the number of employees converting from temporary to permanent roles. 


Direct sourcing effectively uses a community of high-quality contingent resources and communication with known populations who are engaged with the company to help businesses find the talent that satisfies their needs quickly and cost-effectively.

Why Direct Sourcing Matters for the Future of Work
Source: Atrium Global