Restaurant decorated for the holidays and anticipating customers and online orders.

Customer Service Tips All Restaurants Should Know this Holiday Season

It is smart for restaurant owners to always be looking for tips and ideas to bring in more customers and ensure they are increasing revenue. 

Holiday specials, such as seasonal menu items and encouraging delivery and takeout dining can increase business, especially in such a hectic year. 

With that in mind, we have put together some top customer service tips to help your business make the most of Christmas 2020. 

Decorate for the Season

This season, it is especially important to decorate and portray to customers that you are still going to offer your same great service, despite the circumstances. 2020 has been a rough year, so why not give your customers a bit of holiday cheer.

Decorating for the season creates an inviting atmosphere, but it also tells customers that you are open and offering your same quality of services. It prepares them for what to expect from their experience in your restaurant or from their online food order. 

Send Holiday Cards

If you’re a business that utilizes a loyalty or points program, you will have a list of loyal customers and their information that you can use on occasion to promote a special deal or new recipe. 

This holiday season it’s a great idea to send out a holiday card or festive email. This doesn’t have to be a promotion; it can simply be some well wishes for the year ahead- this extra effort shows your customers you care, and increases their loyalty to your business.

Festive Greetings

Many customers appreciate the feeling of being recognized, and appreciate when they feel welcome and safe. This is what a warm greeting at the entrance can do. 

It introduces the restaurant atmosphere and promises to deliver exceptional, individual service. Similarly, a grateful farewell will leave a positive impression on your clientele. 

Seasonal Special Items

Changing your menu for the season and introducing special items to the menu is a great way to encourage business during the holidays. Showing your customers that you are participating in the holidays that everyone is so excited about is a great way to encourage business. 

Especially as holiday recipes only come around once a year, putting your own spin on a holiday classic can encourage people to come celebrate the holidays at your restaurant. If you only serve it at that time of year; you will have flocks of customers coming for that reason. Special items can be promoted easily online. 

Holiday gift cards

If you’re a restaurant owner, now is an excellent time to start organizing holiday gift cards. These are cards you can buy in the restaurant that contain some gift cash to be spent on a meal. People love to give gift cards at Christmas because they are easy to purchase, and allow the person receiving the gift to spend it on whatever they’d like.

Promote catering

Now is also an excellent time to organize the catering side of your restaurant. A catering service is a cash-cow, especially at this time of year with an abundance of office parties, online restaurant ordering, and socially isolated gatherings. Don’t miss out on the great benefits of catering this holiday season.