Crypto Insurance Keeps Your Investments Safe

Cryptocurrency is on the rise, which of course is nothing new at this point. Crypto investments have seen big growth for the past several years and many investors believe that getting in now will ensure success for what is sure to be a thriving and expanding future in the crypto market. 

To date, there are 8,000 forms of cryptocurrencies and 4.7 million NFTs. The crypto market has already reached a level equal to the 8th largest economy in the world, and there’s no stopping this train. 

However, many serious investors are still seeing the red flags and hesitating to dive in, with good reason. Currently, 1,500 Bitcoins are lost every single day, and illegal acquisitions have risen substantially in the past two years. 

As with any investment, there are definite risks, but crypto is still a bit of an unknown and cybercrime looms large. 

Fortunately, there is already a viable solution to the problem of loss and theft of cryptocurrency. Crypto insurance allows investors to invest in crypto under the umbrella of safety that only  insurance can provide. 

Much like auto or home insurance, investors can research insurers, select the best premiums, and choose how much coverage they need. Crypto insurance protects businesses from loss, theft, and scams, and makes crypto investment a safer option even for the still wary investor. 

Can you get cryptocurrency insurance?