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How a Gift In Turn Sparked a Creative Revolution

The Accutron wrist watch, released in 1960 by Bulova, is considered to be one of the most influential pieces of technology ever created. It has inspired the design and culture of several products that are some of the most popular on the market today. The Accutron was considered a major scientific breakthrough in timekeeping and was the world’s first fully electronic watch.

Accutron technology did more than just keep time. Accutron technology was adopted by the US Air Force, The CIA, and NASA. In fact, moon missions would not be possible without the accuracy of Accutron technology. This accutron-inspired space technology inspired several culture movements, most notably the concept of transparency and inner workings. Centre Pompidou is a building in Paris that follows this design. The strong and attractive design of the Accutron Spaceview inspired many designers to try something different within their own products and projects.

Tinker Hatfield, the creator of the Nike Air Max 1, used this idea of showcasing transparency in a project to create the well known shoe design that we all know and love. The transparent air bubble element has become an iconic element of this shoe, making it one of the greatest sneakers in history.

Accutron’s legacy has shaped the designs and inspiration of our past, and will continue to influence the aesthetics of the future. From time pieces, to space travel, to footwear, Accutron technology is omnipresent.

A Gift That Inspired History