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COVID Vaccine Facts: Stop Misinformation

As they say, truth is stranger than fiction. But, we shouldn’t let fictitious untruths cloud our judgement, especially when it comes to life and death decisions such as getting the COVID vaccine. While from the outset, a COVID vaccine hesitant person might look the same as a person who is part of the anti-vaccination movement, a closer analysis will show some differences. It’s time to learn about COVID vaccine facts.

Generally, many that are only hesitant to the COVID vaccine typically cite the speed of how quickly it has been developed. Part of the reason for this unprecedented speed is that much of the research had come from prior coronaviruses. COVID vaccines may have been fast-tracked but they still went through standard clinical trials and the accuracy of trial results will not be affected either. 

Even though the facts exist, misinformation is still being spread and makes knowing what is true and false difficult. The truth is that COVID vaccines do protect you against COVID and also protect others by contributing to herd immunity and it is false that they weaken the immune system. Still, 3 in 4 Americans believe that the misinformation being spread is the biggest hindrance that we are facing today. 

Learn more about the COVID vaccine facts in the visual deep dive below:

Covid Vaccine