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Using CI/CD Pipelines to Keep Up With Over 7 Billion Mobile Users

Devs, now more than ever, are being pressured to release code faster and faster – over 80% of developers say that they are releasing code faster than they did in 2021, meaning new innovations and tech is needed to stay ahead of the curve. CI/CD, standing for continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, is a method for connecting consumer feedback to new patches and updates, as well as getting that new code out to consumers. Traditionally, this requires significant human intervention, but with a CI/CD pipeline, companies are beginning to automate this process. Today, nearly a quarter of DevOps processes are fully automated, compared to 19% in 2021 and just 8% in 2020. 

While companies around the world have started implementing CI/CD into their workflows, the mobile app dev space has yet to see this tech catch on. But mobile devs are in need of this tech more than anyone as there are over 7 billion mobile users around the world with over 250 billion apps downloaded in 2022 alone. This has caused a massive spike in demand for mobile devs and more code to be released faster. 

Learn more about how mobile app devs can use CI/CD pipelines to catch bugs before they ever release as well as actively respond to consumer feedback here.

The Importance of Automating Your Mobile CI/CD Pipeline