Change your Life and Become a Pilates Teacher

You might be reasonably happy with your office job, or you are searching for something you can get passionate about, the art of Pilates has taken the western world by storm and this means great career opportunities. Created by John Pilates in the late 20th century, the creator called the discipline ‘contrology’ Such is the popularity of Pilates, in 2005, there were 14,000 Pilates instructors here is the US alone and wherever you happen live in America, you will never be far from a Pilates studio. 

Pilates Academies

All of the instructors are trained at academies such as Breathe Education, who offer online courses, both full and part time and with 96% of their graduates finding employment as Pilates instructors, you’re pretty much guaranteed work once you become qualified.


This is the key to a successful career teaching people how to perform Pilates and there is one US training academy that is 100% US government certified to train people in the art of Pilates. When you graduate from a top institution, you can work anywhere in the world and expect top rates, thanks to your qualifications. Don’t forget to make good use of digital platforms like LinkedIn to look for prime jobs and building a profile now would be a wise move.

Online Courses

Many of the students prefer the e-learning course, which is not only convenient, it is also cheaper than attending the course, yet you have the exact same certification with both in-house and distance learning. All you have to do is Google ‘Pilates Instructor Institution’ and that will bring up a list of reputable teaching organizations that are US government accredited. The course is quite intensive and you will need to apply yourself 100% to the task at hand, while you have a mentor and advisor, who is always ready for a Zoom call. The support really does matter and by choosing a leading school, you can be sure of a positive outcome that will lead to a new and exciting career helping people to discover Pilates.

The Perks

Aside from the great pleasure you feel as you transform people’s lives, Pilates teaching means you are always in great shape and if you are like most people, this doesn’t feel like work at all. Imagine actually wanting to go to work? With globally recognized certification, you call the shots and can live in California, Florida, or even outside the US.

Online Teaching

Once you have graduated, you might prefer to teach online rather than at a Pilates Studio, or you could work for a local Pilates studio as an online instructor, which brings with it freedom and independence. There are many choices and this life-changing experience could be just what you have been waiting for. Do some online research into Pilates to get the theory behind the system and practice yourself as soon as you can, as this will help to reveal the many benefits of Pilates.

Join the many thousands of US adults that work as a Pilates instructor and change your life for the better.