A Guide to the Cannabis Job Market

In 2021, legal cannabis supported over 300,000 full-time equivalent jobs across the United States.  Despite the pandemic, this industry has been seeing 32% year-over-year job growth.  Cannabis employment exceeds that of many mainstream industries, including well-regarded jobs like web developer and nurse practitioner.  As support for cannabis legalization reaches more states, the industry is poised to grow at incredible rates.  Entry level employees have a greater chance for quick advancement than almost anywhere else.

The legal cannabis market has jobs for all types of skill sets.  Marijuana couriers require the same driving skills as any other delivery person.  Anyone used to selling cigarettes or alcohol is likely to feel right at home cashiering at a dispensary.  For extraction technicians, a scientific background is needed to maintain the laboratory environment in which cannabis products are made.  An edibles chef needs to already be familiar with cooking and baking before adding cannabis to the recipe.  Not to mention, every business requires support services like marketing, accounting, and human resources.

Finding a cannabis job is easy.  Some listing sites cater specifically to the industry, including Leafwire and Ganjapreneur.  Just make sure you meet the state’s requirements for handling and know the product.

The Cannabis Job Market