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Women’s Sports: How to Level the Playing Field

We all could use a break now and then, and going to root for our favorite team in person or watching the game on tv or online has been a wonderful pastime for so many. The question is, are the very players we are watching compensated fairly? The business of women’s sports is an unfair one. 

Men are massively paid more than women across the world of professional sports. The WNBA’S New York Liberty – as an entire team – get paid nearly the same as a single NBA player would at the NBA league minimum.

There are, however, some standouts. Simone Biles of recent Tokyo Olympics fame received 2 medals even after taking a mental health break away from competing further. This might sound like a familiar pattern to you, as professional tennis athlete Naomi Osaka also did a similar thing to preserve her sanity. It is worth noting that Naomi Osaka is the only professional female athlete that made it to the Forbes 50 top athletes.

This is a time for change. And change can occur with fans voting with their wallets, which, in turn, can attract media coverage and sponsors. Check out the unfair game of women’s sports and what can be done in order to level the playing field in the visual deep dive below: