Being True to Your Supplier

Being True to Your Supplier

Suppliers are essential to the success of any business. Being royal with your suppliers is a delicate balance. When one works with a supplier and the quality of their product or service is at its best, it’s important to be forthright and honest about everything so both businesses can succeed. Here are tips on how businesses can stay true to their suppliers by Jordan Sudberg.

1. Consistent Communication

Be sure to communicate with your suppliers consistently. This will allow them to do their best work and give them a measurable way of knowing whether they are on the right track. A good communication system will increase the likelihood of a mutually beneficial relationship. Also, when they feel comfortable enough to send messages, they are more likely to be honest, and forthcoming. Listen to their feedback and ask questions about products that would be important for your business.

2. Be Flexible in Response to Supply Problems

Once a challenge arises, it is in your best interests to solve the problem quickly and effectively. Be flexible, listen carefully to feedback, and understand the root cause of any issues. Make sure your supplier agrees on the goals for resolving problems and has a concrete action plan. Flexibility will allow one to resolve any issue efficiently with minimal risk.

3. Be Transparent About Your Needs

Being transparent will serve as a good sign to your suppliers. The key is understanding the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and priorities that supply your company. If it doesn’t match, it could be in the best interest of all parties to adjust it so that both can succeed. This can lead to better quality products and services, improved customer communication, and a more productive relationship with the supplier.

4. Give Your Supplier Credit Where It’s Due

If working with a consistently reliable and accommodating supplier, reward them with more work or a unique project, so they feel appreciated. Remember that your supplier’s success depends on the high quality of their products and services. Reward them for meeting or exceeding your goals and developing new products that enhance your business. Not crediting your supplier, they may feel less valued or not as interested in doing business with your business due to the lack of recognition. Yes, your supplier may send an inferior product or service, but that doesn’t mean they are bad at their job.

5. Be a Great Customer in Return

Being a good customer will lead to a significant supplier relationship. Showing the supplier that one respects their work and that they have an integral role in your success will lead to cooperation, creativity, and willingness to forge quality products. There is no better way to do this than to offer up more of your business for them. This will drive innovation and increase customer satisfaction in both companies.
Jordan Sudberg states that being a good customer to your supplier is one of the most important ingredients for a lasting relationship. Both businesses can forge a strong bond when one approaches it with respect and appreciation. At the same time, be sure to communicate openly and honestly.