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Additions To Your Large Business’ Campus That Employees Will Love

Creating a business campus that employees enjoy coming to daily is very important. The world of remote work simply does not work for every industry although there are some jobs that can be remote. A business campus can include so many different things that make the time employees spend there as pleasurable as possible. Perks are what makes a job great along with appreciation from a company which can be shown through these perks. Employee retention is decreasing in today’s age so this can help drive this number up. Below are additions to a business campus that employees are going to love. 

A Company Gym

Going to the gym can be risky in today’s world where people are not truthful about vaccination status. Your company might require these vaccinations which could make the company gym safer to exercise at than a commercial gym. People might get to work early to exercise which can actually make them more productive during the earlier hours of the day. Costs are increasing for gyms around the country that are trying to recover from lost membership fees during the pandemic. 

Tennis And Basketball Courts

Tennis and basketball courts can be used for a myriad of things. The indoor basketball courts can be used for large meetings or even seminars. A business campus can be rented out at times by certain groups to win a bit of public favor. Agreeing to host a large science fair for free can be a great PR opportunity that will cost the company very little. Internship training can also be done in these areas as a great intern to hire program can allow for top-quality employees to consistently be hired. Tennis court resurfacing can be a great way to maintain outdoor areas as it is an affordable way to make the courts look like new. 

Employee Cafeteria

Eating at a desk on a daily basis or on a bench outside can be disheartening. You want to encourage the interaction of employees that might not directly work with each other. There can be food provided as this is a perk that people genuinely love but remember that you won’t make everyone happy. Any place that encourages interaction at a large company is important. Communication is so much easier when people have interacted with a person physically. 

A Place To Relax

There are going to be people putting in long hours in some roles in order to get a promotion or receive maximum amounts of commission. Having a place to rest can be very important as a break area should be work-free. There are some people that just want to escape any form of conversation about work for a few minutes to mentally recharge. There are certain brands like Facebook that allow employee naps within reason as some people might be working very hard and well beyond their daily requirements. 

A business campus is a way of investing in the business as well as the employees. People enjoy showing up to an impressive place to work that caters to their daily needs. Perks keep people around so a great compensation/benefit package combined with a healthy corporate culture will produce quality work.