A Guide to Setting Up a Pre-School

If you love kids and are thinking about opening a small nursery or kindergarten, there is much to learn. The very first thing to do is find out what the state requires, and this can be achieved by visiting your state’s website. Of course, the premises must be safe, with fire escapes and extinguishers and the venue would be inspected prior to opening, to ensure that the premises are safe and suitable for young children.

Costing the Startup

Like any business, you will need to put together a business plan, which would outline the business, its objectives and the plan would include information about assets, marketing, business processes and projected profit forecasts. The business plan should be very detailed and when you think the plan is complete, ask an expert to take a look.

Registering the Business

This is really the first thing to do and you’ll need a lawyer to help you with the business registration, and all of your operating licences should be in place, then you can proceed with setting up the venue.

Obtaining the Licence

You would require a licence from the state that empowers you to care for young children at your venue, and this would be quite a complex issue that would require some legal assistance. If the owner has a history in early learning, that will help, plus your employees should be qualified and screened to work with children. This can take some time, and if you provide the local authority with everything they ask for, it should be a matter of weeks rather than months.

Classroom Design

If you search online, you will find preschool room layout ideas from an established Australian supplier of classroom furniture and learning resources, and they would offer you trade prices, as you are opening a business. You will need adequate floor space for activities, and a soft room, where young children can safely play, and with a single online supplier, you can get everything you need in a single shop. A bright and airy room for playing and other activities, plus you should have an outdoor play area that is fully contained, with playing equipment.


Obviously, you need to create a marketing plan, to show how you intend for find customers, which might be online-based, using social media, for example, plus you will need a good website that has all the information a parent might need. You must decide the minimum number of children to open a class, and you need to be competitive regarding fees, as you will have a lot of competition, wherever you happen to be in Australia.

Building a Reputation

Like any new business, getting established is tough, but if you focus on providing the very best of care for the children in your charge, it won’t be long before parents recommend you to their friends. There are many ways that you can interact with the local community, and arrange day trips for the children, which are always welcome.

Ideally, you would have a love of children and enjoy very much teaching them, and with a lot of hard work, some planning and a little good fortune, your preschool will be the talk of the neighbourhood.