8 Marketing Tips to Reach Customers Looking to Buy a New Vehicle

8 Marketing Tips to Reach Customers Looking to Buy a New Vehicle

Competition is fierce in the car industry, and many companies resort to aggressive marketing tactics to get a leg up on their competition. The tips you will gain from this guide will immediately impact your vehicle sales and help you reach potential customers looking to buy a vehicle.

1. Provide Honesty and Transparency in Your Website Reviews

Trust is one of the most influential things that distinguish brands in customers’ minds. Customer reviews can be precious, as a potential buyer will often find them more trustworthy than the traditional salesperson. Most customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. You can build trust with your online customers by displaying your reviews on your website.

2. Be at the Top of the Google Search Engine Results Page

Google’s Search Engine is the most popular place for people to find products and services related to their search. The best way to market to someone just beginning researching a new car is to be one of the first results they see when they search “How to find a new car dealer.” You should ensure your account is appropriately structured with tight-knit ad groups and campaigns.

3. Bid on Competitor Keywords

Bidding on competitor keywords can be a great way to reach people searching for their vehicles. You can add specific competitor keywords to your campaign or ad group to find new competitor keywords. For example, if you’re a Ford dealer, you might want to bid on Chevy Cruze because many consumers search for both brand and generic terms during the purchase process. It allows you to capture these searches and target them with a relevant ad.

4. Manage Negative Keywords

Managing your negative keyword list will ensure you’re only being shown ads for people on the right path to purchase. For example, let’s say you’re selling a new SUV. If a potential buyer is looking up information on reliable used SUVs and how to replace the breaks, they may be better off buying a used vehicle before they can afford one new one. Clicking on your ad will only frustrate them and make them less likely to buy one in the future. In this case, remove “SUV” or “breaks” or any other keywords not related to someone looking to buy a new SUV.

5. Adjust Campaign Based on Car-Buyer Information

Automakers are adding new models and updated editions at an increasingly fast rate, some of them overlapping. With so much variety to choose from, combining ads from different automakers can be confusing for potential buyers. And with dealerships scrambling for business, carmakers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves without sacrificing their margins.

6. Create a Response-Driven Campaign with Automotive Products

Depending on the audience and campaign goals, there are different ways to reach potential buyers. Web ads, local radio spots, and traditional print will target distinct audiences and sell different benefits. Take high-quality pictures with good 360 spin product photography.

7. Offer Unique and Exclusive Shopping-Related Deals

Get your dealership into the buyer’s consideration set. Create a marketing strategy that breaks through the clutter of advertising and messaging in your market. Use social and digital media to pull interested shoppers to your website, where you deliver a personalized shopping experience that connects them directly with sales. Attract shoppers by delivering competitive offers, features, facts & figures, and images to their phones based on their vehicle preference, driving habits, etc.

8. Use Call Features You Can to Get the Best Deal

For customers coming to the site from paid search, display, or social media ads, you want to make sure that your ads include all call features possible. These features should be included in your paid advertising strategy to ensure that you are efficiently reaching your audience across devices. You can now easily attribute phone calls coming from online visitors to sales after they click on your ad – so think through how these features can help your business.

With the myriad options available to consumers, you need to consider marketing your business. As a car dealership, you must engage potential customers and provide them with information that they need to make informed decisions.