6 Tips for Finding a Local Professional Tailor

6 Tips for Finding a Local Professional Tailor

Finding a local professional tailor for custom clothing might seem like a difficult task. Luckily, finding a quality professional tailor who can create beautifully authentic hand-stitched custom clothing needn’t be difficult if you know what you’re looking for. Today we’ll discuss six tips that should help point you in the right direction when it comes to finding a suitably skilled individual with whom to work.

1: Check Online Reviews and Ask Friends for Recommendations

The internet is a fantastic place to find reviews of local professionals in just about any field. A quick online search should point you towards any number of reviews for local tailors in your area. Of course, feel free to peruse our reviews if you ever need recommendations.

2: Investigate Their Personal History and Training

One of the most important things that separate an amateur from a professional is training and experience. Many people start sewing clothing as a hobby before opening their shops to create custom clothes for many years. Others spend years apprenticing under established professionals before going into business on their own, passing down decades worth of knowledge and know-how along the way. Please do your best to investigate the tailor’s personal history, training, and experience to understand better how qualified they are.

3: Ask About Their Customization Methods

Professional tailors use many different methods when it comes to custom clothing – some are better than others. A few examples include “muslin,” blind stitch hemming, side-seams only on the straight leg pants cut, canvassing the chest of suit jackets, using Bemberg lining on almost all garments, etcetera. Inquire about which customization techniques they use so you can be sure they have experience with them and know what they’re doing.

4: Estimate of Suit Costs

Most professional tailors offer an estimated service for suit costs. However, many do not publish their estimates online due to the time it takes to create them. Call your tailor and ask them how much a custom suit would cost you without revealing too much about yourself or your measurements. Their answer should give you a good idea of what price range you are looking at.

5: Get an Idea of How Long It Will Take to Make Your Custom Suit

Finding a local professional tailor who does excellent work but keeps you waiting weeks or months can be incredibly inconvenient. Inquire with prospective tailors about how long it will take them to make your custom clothing before committing to any agreements so that there are no surprises later on down the road.

6: Feel Free To Ask Any Other Questions You May Have

There is nothing wrong with asking a professional tailor any questions you may have. After all, this person will be creating custom clothing for you! Whether it’s about their specific customization techniques or how much work they typically do in an average week, feel free to ask.

In conclusion, finding a local professional tailor who can make you beautifully hand-stitched clothing needn’t be difficult if you approach it with proper research and planning. By following the six tips discussed above, you should be able to find someone in your area who is more than capable of helping you get outfitted in high-quality custom clothing at reasonable prices.