5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel Warmer

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house; it’s where people gather to prepare meals, and spending time together around food is one of the most important ways people bond. If your kitchen lacks aesthetic appeal, it won’t be used as much, and you’ll miss out on important opportunities to connect.

Does your kitchen lack aesthetic appeal? Could it be a little warmer? Here are several ideas to make your kitchen a more inviting space.

1. Change your countertops

Your kitchen countertops significantly contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but no matter what style you prefer, a good decorating job will be appreciated by everyone.

If you’re still looking for ideas, consider getting wood plank countertops. This type of countertop is especially good for kitchen islands that also serve as an eating space. They’re smooth, elegant, and can be made to fit any length counter.

Other types of countertops might look good, like granite and stainless steel, but they feel cold. Having wood in the kitchen brings warmth to your home that you just can’t get with metal or stone.

2. Choose a theme and redecorate

When your goal is to make your kitchen warmer, a little redecorating will go a long way. The key is to choose a theme and redecorate your entire kitchen with that theme, including wall décor, new paint, and artistic fixtures throughout the kitchen. While there are specific colors that feel warm, there are countless ways to use these colors.

For example, many people like the farmhouse look because it really makes a kitchen feel warm and cozy. With a farmhouse theme, you have plenty of options. For instance, you can decorate the walls with art depicting roosters and chickens, and you can hang mini planter boxes filled with straw and fake eggs. You can even get ceramic trinkets and place them around the kitchen.

If you don’t like the farmhouse look, there are plenty of other styles to choose from. You could go with shabby chic, or choose your own eclectic style using warmer colors like red, orange, and brown.

3. Install better lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference in how a space feels. Warm lighting in the kitchen will make your whole space feel cozier. To get that warm glow, go for overhead lighting that has a yellowish hue and make use of lighting that goes under the cabinets. They can be strip lights or the type that comes on when you push a button. Either way, they’ll contribute to giving your kitchen a soft glow.

If you already have a decent overhead light fixture in the kitchen, you just need to find the right type of light bulb. If you don’t have a good overhead light fixture, consider getting one – you’ll see a huge improvement.

4. Get the right appliances

Your kitchen appliances can change the way people feel in your kitchen, and if you’ve got stainless steel appliances your kitchen probably feels a bit cold. Stainless steel appliances are marketed as a way to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen. While they do look nice, they also feel cold and sterile.

Having one or two stainless steel appliances in your kitchen might not make your kitchen feel too cold, provided you’re using warm colors and lighting. However, if you’re standing in your kitchen wondering what’s making it feel a little cool, it could be your appliances.

It’s expensive to replace appliances, so save this option for last if you don’t have the budget. Or, just replace one appliance. When it comes to your dishwasher, you can get a magnetic decal for the front that will change the way it looks.

You can find a design that matches any style you want. Some designs look like farm fences, some depict farm animals and flowers, and others depict birds, dogs, cats, and beach scenes. There’s a dishwasher cover for everyone.

5. Get a bigger dining table

You might not realize that the size of your dining table can make your kitchen feel warmer. A small table can make people feel cozy, but a larger table can make sharing meals feel warmer. For instance, with a large dining table, you’ll have room for bowls and plates full of food, which means you can serve your meals right from the table. When nobody has to get up to get more mashed potatoes, your meals won’t be interrupted, and everyone will feel closer.

People want to be in a warm kitchen

A warm kitchen will make your family want to spend more time in the kitchen, whether they’re prepping meals or eating at the dining room table.