4 Types of Monument Signs available in Ontario, CA

Monument signs can help you improve or build on your business identity. The municipality of Ontario, California, offers different custom monument signs to make your business information more concise and attractive to the public. They can also be used on highway construction sites to communicate reports and project updates to motorists and pedestrians more effectively. Finding the best monument sign company near me is as easy as a simple Google search, but here are the types of monument signs they will have.

There are four types of monument custom signs:

1.         Masonry Bases

Masonry bases have a clean, modern look and can be customized with various masonry techniques. Soft curves are a popular option and make the monument sign design appear thinner. Facet cut bases are another popular choice for giving an asymmetric edge to the base, adding visual interest.

Brick monument sign designs can also be customized with stamp impressions on the bricks or by adding inlaid glass panels or pavers to accentuate your logo or add color to the sign.

2.         Aluminum Pole Cover

Aluminum pole covers provide a professional appearance for light poles or other structures, allowing them to be easily incorporated into your building signage. The simplicity of an aluminum pole cover, customized to your branding, creates an innovative and sophisticated image. Paired with lighting, these custom signs will make a handsome profile at night in Ontario, California.

3.         Decorative Caps and Accents

Decorative Caps and Accents can add a dynamic look to your monument sign. At The Monument Works, there are several options to dress up your alerts. The best part is they’re easy to install, so you don’t have to be a skilled mason to make it happen. Monument signs are cast stone, usually granite or sandstone.

There are two broad categories of monument caps and accents: decorative types attached to or around the existing monuments and those that blend in with them. Monument caps could be statues, urns, soldiers, or religious symbols.

4.         Multi-Tenant Options

The monument sign design is evident and works for different businesses at a fraction of the cost of single-tenant signs. Because custom monument signs are so versatile, they may pair well with other custom signs such as sandwich boards, window graphics, murals, and out-of-home advertising (OOH).

Conclusion These are just some types of monument signs in Ontario, California. Depending on your business type, you may prefer one over another, but they all serve a purpose. Custom monument signs are the most common type of sign panel advertisers use. Each sign weighs nothing but is highly durable and will provide a long-lasting advertisement and increase brand recognition while being almost maintenance-free