4 Benefits of Installing a New Forward Drive on Your Boat

4 Benefits of Installing a New Forward Drive on Your Boat

Boating can be a fun and relaxing way to get away from the stresses of everyday life. But, boating doesn’t always have to be a hassle. One simple change could make your boating experience much more enjoyable: installing a new forward drive on your boat! The benefits of installing a new forward drive are endless. For example, it will improve fuel efficiency and will also reduce wear and tear on your propeller. And did you know that by replacing old parts with newer ones, you’ll be able to extend the lifespan of your engine? Installing a new forward drive is one easy way you can ensure that every time you go out for an adventure in the great outdoors, it’s going to be nothing but smooth sailing. In this post, we will discuss four reasons for installing a new forward drive on your boat.

1. Forward drives are more reliable than outboards.

Outboards are the most common propulsion system on boats. Outboard engines can be dangerous and unreliable. Below, you can see an example of an outboard exploding in a boating accident. In comparison, forward drives have been known to never explode! Also, because forward drives don’t sit above the waterline, they reduce drag and make your boat faster.

2. Forward drives are quieter than outboards.

One of the most frequent complaints about outboard motors is how loud they are. In a close-quarters environment, such as a marina or a small lake, the noise from an outboard motor can be very annoying to both boaters and onlookers. Forward drives typically run on lower horsepower engines which results in them being significantly quieter than outboards! This means that you will have a quiet ride on your boat.

3. Forward drives don’t require gear cases.

Outboards have one more design flaw: they have gear cases that break frequently due to their exposure to saltwater. Gear cases contain two gears that transfer power from the crankshaft to the propeller shafts. A failure of a gear case usually results in thousands of dollars worth of damage to both the engine and the boat. With forward drives, no gearcase could potentially fail. This reduces repair costs in addition to improved reliability!

4. Forward drives are less expensive than outboards.

Unfortunately, the cost of a forward drive engine is more expensive than an outboard motor. However, if you consider all of the reasons to install a new forward drive on your boat listed above, this small increase in price could have positive implications for your overall boating experience. Additionally, the high retail price of outboards may be because many people looking to buy new engines are simply unaware of forward drives as an option.

Although an outboard motor is quick and easy to install, it’s not always reliable. Outboards can be dangerous because they are located so close to the waterline which makes them susceptible to breakdowns caused by flooding or overheating. When installing a new forward drive on your boat, you will experience nearly endless benefits including speed increases, reduced drag, decreased engine noise, and better overall boating experiences.