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4 Bad Driving Habits to Quit

Driving bad habits can be bad news for the car and bad news for you if they ever lead to a collision. If you want to keep bad driving habits from causing problems on the road, here are four bad driving habits to quit:

1. Bad Hands

Drivers who hold their phone in one hand and steer with the other don’t realize how dangerous it is.

Any bad driving habit that takes your eyes or attention off the road can be bad news. If you’re going to talk on the phone while driving, use a headset and hands-free device so you can keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road ahead.

2. Bad Planting

Some bad habits are easy to spot, but bad planting is about as bad as bad driving habits get.

Planting your phone or other devices in the middle of the dashboard is bad news because it’s an accident waiting to happen. When you’re looking down at your hands, it’s tough to see what’s ahead of you on the road. Keep your eyes on the road and bad planting won’t be a bad driving habit anymore.

3. Bad Positioning

Positioning bad habits happen when you don’t keep your car’s position in mind while driving.

If you’re not thinking about where you’re positioning your car, chances are that bad positioning will cause problems sooner or later. For example, bad positioning can happen if you’re not leaving enough room ahead of you to stop your car, merging into traffic without checking your blind spots or changing lanes at the last minute.

4. Bad Line

Bad lines are bad news because they don’t just line up with bad driving habits – bad lines lead to bad accidents.

Drivers who don’t merge properly, drivers who tailgate and lane-changers are bad news. Being aware of bad lines is the first step toward correcting bad habits that can keep you, your car and other drivers on the road safe.

If bad driving habits have gotten you into an accident or caused damage to your car in some way, repair services from Valley Collision can help you get your car back into driving condition.