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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Backyard

Homeowners plan to spend an average of $15,000 this year to renovate their homes, according to the 2022 Houzz & Home Survey reflecting the responses on 70,000 respondents in the U.S. The tally was 50% higher than the $10,000 homeowners spent over the past three years.

Are you planning to renovate or remodel your home in the near future? Whether you want to improve your home before selling it or simply wish to make it more functional, it makes sense to invest in renovations or additions that meet your objectives.

But don’t just focus on the interior space. The exterior matters too. It’s the time of year to enjoy the great outdoors since the weather’s favorable. One way you can increase the usefulness of your home’s exterior is by doing more to enhance your outdoor living space. Whether that means getting a patio cover, adding an outdoor pizza oven, or building an outdoor kitchen, you can make spending time outside much more fun for everyone in your family.

Keep reading to learn about three ways you can make better use of your backyard space.

1. Patio Cover

You don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t have a patio cover. A patio cover will turn your back deck into a place where you, loved ones, and friends can meet in the great outdoors. You’ll have protection from the elements, which means Mother Nature won’t ever ruin your plans. Whether sunshine or rain showers, you’ll be able to enjoy spending time on the back deck.

A patio cover will increase the useable square footage of your residence, which will add value. Who doesn’t like projects that boost the valuation of their residence? For these and other reasons, a patio cover is a great way to improve your outdoor living space. It’s a worthy investment.

2. Outdoor Pizza Oven

Americans really do love their pizza. There’s no denying it. While you’ve likely purchased pizza from a restaurant or maybe even made one in your kitchen, have you ever cooked one outside?

An outdoor pizza oven will make doing so possible. It’ll take your pizza dinners to another level since there’s nothing quite like preparing a pizza with your favorite toppings outside.

Once you prepare a pizza, place it in an outdoor pizza oven, wait for it to cook to perfection, and chow down, you won’t want to eat pizza prepared any other way. An outdoor pizza oven will be a great addition to your outdoor living space, and will help make any gathering extra special.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

Are you interested in completely transforming your outdoor living space? One way to go about it is to create an outdoor kitchen with components like a BBQ grill island. It’s possible to build an outdoor kitchen that offers what you have in your indoor kitchen. So, if you want the option of being able to cook outside, eat outside, and socialize outside, an outdoor kitchen is a great investment. It’ll also make it possible to accommodate more people since you won’t have to cram too many people inside the kitchen in your residence.

Before you begin, figure out what you’re looking for in an outdoor kitchen. It should be a setup that enhances your outdoor space. While it should be functional, it should also fit the space so you avoid clutter.

These are a few ways you can increase the usefulness of your outdoor living space and even boost the valuation of your home. Your home is likely the most significant investment you’ll ever make, so it doesn’t hurt to invest in making it more functional for you and yours.