3 Ways to be an Inclusive Colleague

3 Ways to be an Inclusive Colleague

An inclusive work environment is where different people come together to achieve the goals and objectives of an organisation. A diverse workplace comprises people with different ethnicities, cultures, religions, and disabilities. Each person has the same opportunities and is held to the same standards as everyone else.

Inclusion includes, but is not limited to, activities done during work hours. It also goes beyond the work environment. Work colleagues should feel a sense of belonging and be comfortable with each other.

Benefits of an Inclusive Workplace

An inclusive organisation is made up of employees that hold the same beliefs and values as people in the community it serves. Dr. Jordan Sudberg credits his longevity and success in pain management and physical therapy to inclusivity in the workplace. Not only does his organisation hire specialists with different backgrounds, they also treat people from all walks of life. Businesses that are more diverse have a higher rate of productivity and are profitable. Here are four more benefits of an inclusive workplace:

1. Lower Rate of Turnover

Employees, especially people of colour, who feel included and valued, will not leave the organisation.

2. More Innovation and Creativity

A diverse workplace means ideas and opinions will differ, which means new ways of tackling challenges.

3. Better Decision-Making

Having people from differing backgrounds means that an individual may have more experience in a particular area. If a patient requires an ultrasound guided injection, then Dr. Jordan Sudberg will be consulted as he is both trained and certified in the procedure. Problems are solved quickly and efficiently. Inclusivity also means coming together to solve an issue.

4. Reputation

An organisation that is known for being inclusive will attract and keep customers.

3 Ways to be an Inclusive Colleague

More companies are moving forward to becoming more inclusive in order to recruit and retain employees. But it is not only the duty of the organisation to be inclusive. Employees have to be welcoming and supportive of their colleagues.

Here are three easy ways to be an inclusive colleague:

1. Empathize

Empathy allows you to take into consideration the feelings and opinions of others. Employees who empathize with each other instead of judging will work better together. We should have compassion for everyone, not just family and close friends. Failure to empathize with co-workers will cause disagreements and lack of production.

2. Take the First Step

Many people are afraid to voice their opinions or start a conversation. It can be even more intimidating if they are a newcomer. Try to embrace the fear and take the first step either by sitting next to someone new or striking up a conversation.

3. Point Out Exclusive Behavior

Do not tolerate when others are being inappropriate and unreasonable in the workplace. Ignoring these situations will create an uncomfortable and toxic work environment.

Being inclusive is easy and does not take much effort. The first and most important step is to have an open mind. Once an individual attempts to be more inclusive and embrace diversity, they will create lifetime bonds and be more productive.