10 Important Cleaning Tips for a Brighter Home

10 Important Cleaning Tips for a Brighter Home

It’s hard to overstate just how valuable it is to keep a home sparkling clean. The aesthetics are great – you’ll feel good just being in a nicer, fresher home. On top of that, your home will be less cluttered with pollen, dander, dust, and other allergens, which is especially beneficial if someone in your home suffers from regular allergies. And of course, having a cleaner home makes a better impression on your guests.

The question is, what’s the best way to keep your home as clean as possible for as long as possible?

The Best Cleaning Tips

Follow these tips if you want to keep your home brighter and free of dirt and debris:

  1. Create a repeatable system. There are many valid systems worth considering as a structure to clean your home. What’s important is that you choose something repeatable. For example, do you do surface-level cleaning for 15 minutes a day, followed by a deep cleaning once a week? Do you have a chore wheel where the people in your home rotate responsibilities? Do you tackle a different room every other day? As long as you’re following something consistently, your home will be cleaner.
  2. Use a squeegee on glass and mirrors. Mirrors, glass, and other similar substances can easily accumulate dirt, soap scum, and streaks. There’s an easy fix for this: use a squeegee. When cleaning, finish up with a squeegee to avoid streaks. And you can keep your glass surfaces cleaner by applying a squeegee after you’re done in the shower or done with the mirror.
  3. Clean top to bottom. This is a simple tip, but many people still neglect it: clean from top to bottom. For example, if you’re cleaning the living room, start with the curtains/drapes, then start cleaning the tables and other surfaces, then move onto the floor. Particles tend to fall downward as you clean, so this method will help you ensure that nothing is lost.
  4. Invest in the right tools. You can do an okay job cleaning with paper towels and some tools you got from the dollar store. But you’ll do a much more thorough job – and enjoy the process more – if you invest in the right tools. Don’t be afraid to pay a bit more for brooms, mops, squeegees, and other materials if they can make your life easier.
  5. Use the right cleaning products. Similarly, make sure you use the right cleaning products for each job. You should have a cache of different products, including glass cleaner, antibacterial wipes, bleach, and basics like baking soda and vinegar. Do a bit of research before choosing which product you use.
  6. Soak for a deeper clean. Some of the things in your house won’t get clean with a simple wipe-down or even a heavier scrub. If you can, soak these items. For example, you may remove your showerhead and soak it in vinegar or an acidic cleaning product. You may also soak a stain in the carpet with club soda to loosen it up.
  7. Use heat and steam when you can. Tough stains and buildup can also be addressed with heat and/or steam. This is especially valuable for your microwave; simply microwave a bowl of water until it’s boiling, and the steam will loosen the food residue and grime enough to be easily wiped away.
  8. Do a little bit each day. Don’t overload yourself by committing to a full day where you clean the entire house. Instead, strive to do a little bit each day. Take just 10 minutes to wipe something down or declutter a room.
  9. Focus on one room at a time. Every project is much more manageable when it’s broken down into smaller tasks. Accordingly, consider focusing on only one room at a time. Spend a day getting the bathroom in order, then focus on the living room.
  10. Experiment. There are tons of different hacks, products, cleaning techniques, and strategies you can use – and all of them have their merits. Experiment to figure out which strategies work best for you.

Hiring a Professional

If you still feel overwhelmed with the number of cleaning tasks ahead of you, or if you simply can’t keep up with the demands of your household, consider hiring a professional cleaning service. You should be able to find someone to clean your property at an affordable rate, especially if you only have them come once a month. Professional cleaners tend to be great at hitting areas you don’t notice or can’t reach on your own – and they’ll probably get the job done faster than you can.

If a professional cleaner isn’t in your budget, it’s all on you. Recruit your family members or roommates to divide the responsibilities.