Xalles Holdings: nurturing tech startups towards lucrative exits

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Xalles Holdings (OTC:XALL) chairman Thomas Nash takes Proactive’s Stephen Gunnion through the company’s strategy of acquiring technology companies with strong assets and management teams, as well as the potential for significant growth.

Nash explained that Xalles targets early-stage companies, guiding them through a business lifecycle that spans from incubation to acceleration and growth, with the ultimate aim of achieving a profitable exit. Nash emphasized the importance of the management team and key personnel in these acquisitions, stating that companies remain wholly owned subsidiaries, retaining their original management to ensure motivation and alignment with Xalles Holdings’ goals.

Xalles Holdings does not adopt a hands-on approach in the daily operations of its acquisitions but provides support in areas like financial backing, marketing, PR, and leveraging business development networks, Nash said. This support is aimed at helping subsidiaries refine their business plans and navigate towards financial milestones effectively.

The company’s acquisition strategy does not have a fixed timeframe, offering flexibility to adapt to each company’s unique needs and market conditions. This strategy includes various phases, from early-stage incubation with Exotic Studio to acceleration with Exogamous Advisors and eventually to a formal acquisition under the RISE model, which stands for Roll In Selected Exit.

Pending acquisitions include 100% of Fluid Tech and a stake in WooSender, demonstrating Xalles Holdings’ diverse portfolio.

The company also reported a 234% growth in revenue year-over-year for the third quarter of 2023, marking its ninth consecutive quarter of revenue growth, attributed to strategic acquisitions and effective support for these companies.

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