The Omnia Institute Announces Insights from Preity Upala on Indo-Australian Relations at HORASIS Global Summit

Sydney, Australia, Canberra- Australia, Los Angeles, California, New York, New York, Washington DC, Washington DC (Hexa PR Wire–Anytime)–The Omnia Institute recently shared insights from geopolitical and geo-economics expert Preity Upala at the HORASIS Global Summit in Australia. Upala, with her in-depth knowledge of Australia-India business ties, emphasized the importance of building, investing, and growing together for both nations.

Preity Upala at the HORASIS Global Summit, Australia

Asia’s Role in Global Power Shift

Upala highlighted the pivotal role of the Indo-Pacific in the shifting global power structure, underscoring the region’s importance for the future and the mutual need of Australia and India for a safe and open Indo-Pacific.

Bilateral Relationship Dynamics

Referring to Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong’s statement, Upala reiterated the significance of the relationship between India and Australia, which goes beyond regional interests to a deeper friendship.

HORASIS Report 2023

Leadership in Global South

She pointed out the contrast between India’s pragmatic realism and the West’s rhetoric, suggesting that both Australia and India are emerging as capable leaders in the Global South.

Potential for Stronger Ties

Upala discussed the potential for stronger economic and strategic ties between the two countries, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in sectors like renewable energy and supply chain management.

HORASIS Plenary Session

India as a New Global Curator

Stressing India’s unique position as a post-colonial democracy, Upala suggested that India, coupled with Australia, can lead the way in navigating geopolitical challenges and restoring peace in the Indo-Pacific region.

Shared Future Vision

She echoed Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s sentiments about the deep-rooted connections between India and Australia, emphasizing the potential for a shared future built on respect, trust, and collaboration.

About Preity Upala

Preity Upala, President of The Omnia Institute and a board member of the Europe India Chamber of Commerce, is recognized for her expertise on international platforms. With appearances on CNN, Forbes, and other media, Upala has contributed significantly to the discourse on global geopolitical dynamics.

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